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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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Outpost High Adventure Programs

Welcome to the Cole Canoe Base High Adventure Program, where the journey is the destination! This page was designed to briefly explain what our program has to offer. We boast having one of the largest selections of High Adventure Programs available outside of the National High Adventure Bases. As Michigan’s only “Nationally Accredited BSA High Adventure Camp”, we are the place to be for units looking to dive into the exciting world of High Adventure!

Distance Canoe Trips

We are proud to offer a variety of overnight canoeing options on a number of Michigan’s beautiful rivers. All river trips include boats with paddles, PFD’s and rescue ropes, transportation to and from the river, camping fees, food, and a reasonable amount of staff support. Units are expected to provide their own camping and cooking equipment, as well as means to keep gear dry.

Rifle River

Perfect for beginners, the Rifle River is close to camp and relatively shallow with a generally gentle current. However the Rifle offers many of its own challenges. Being a “Natural River” means that there is very limited cutting permitted on the river. Down trees and logjams are not uncommon. During high water, certain parts of the river can become quite challenging, however the Rifle rarely reaches these heights during the summer camp season. Since our base camp is located near the middle of the Rifle River, most Rifle River trips include a night at Base Camp (mid trip). This is perfect for units that want to spend a lot of time on the river, but don’t want to miss out on all the fun of summer camp. Below are our basic overnight options for the Rifle River. These trips are all available at no additional cost to summer camp. Potable water is available at all campsites. All Rifle River trips include coolered food with regular food drops from our staff. It is highly recommended that all reservations for overnight Rifle River treks be placed by June 1st.

Au Sable River

The Au Sable River offers a nice relaxing paddle that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro. In most of the river, water is reasonably deep and obstacles are few. Prices for Au Sable trips are $325 for youth and $280 for adults (includes all summer camp activities that occur while you are in camp). Potable water is available at all campsites, however a water purification system is highly recommended. Food is included. Typical Au Sable trips include Mountain House food, however coolers are available by request. All participants on Au Sable trips must be at least 14 years old, and have prior canoeing experience. Our Au Sable River options are listed below.

Fox & Manistique 100 Miler

The 100 Miler is without question the most challenging trek available at Cole Canoe Base. The Fox and Manistique Rivers in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula offer a challenge to even the most experienced paddlers. In 5 days your unit will travel 100 Miles through mostly secluded and natural waters. This trip will teach you to work as a team and test your endurance on some of the most challenging waters in the state. If you think you are up to the challenge you should have your reservations placed no later than the first of May to allow for proper training and preparations. This trip is not for beginners. All participants must be at least 14 years old and have prior overnight canoeing experience. The cost for this trip is $335 per person. This trip includes Mountain House food, and although potable water should be available at all campsites, a water purification system is required, just in case.


The CCB High Adventure program offers much more than just canoeing. Below are our backpacking options. Both of these treks include Mountain House food, transportation to and from the trail, and all related fees, bringing the cost to only $335 per person. Water purification systems are highly recommended. All participants must be at least 14 years of age and have completed training hikes as outlined by the camp.

Pictured Rocks

Visit Michigan’s most popular destination and spend 5 days hiking the over 50 Miler along Lake Superior. Operated by the National Parks Service, Pictured Rocks is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Due to the parks popularity, all reservations must be received by December 25th to guarantee your spot. Reservations will be made available for a limited time after this date, however we cannot guarantee your application will be accepted. All itineraries are subject to the National Parks Service.

Grand Island

Not far from Pictured Rocks, in Munising Bay, Grand Island offers a much different experience than Pictured Rocks. Spend three nights camping in the rustic National Forest, where you can literally create your own itinerary. The island is about 35 miles around, allowing for a relaxed and flexible schedule. Perfect of beginners and experts alike, Grand Island sees far fewer visitors than Pictured Rocks. Because of this, we can accept reservations up to May 15th. A four-night option is available at no additional cost.

Hike, Bike & Float

Arguably the most unique High Adventure experience at CCB, the Hike Bike and Float is available at no additional cost to summer camp. Designed as the ultimate high adventure challenge this program combines a challenging 25-mile canoe trip with a long distance bike ride and a hike through the backcountry of Cole Canoe Base. Over four days and 50 miles this trip will challenge you both mentally and physically, while proving to be The Time our Your Life!


All high adventure trips include a training manual to help your unit prepare for your adventure. It is very important that your unit become familiar with this material prior to your arrival at camp. Additionally, it is Mandatory that at least one leader from each trip be current in ARC Wilderness First Aid (or equivalent) this course is available to be taken at camp in the spring. We also ask that one leader from each unit complete the “CCB Trek Leader Training” course, which is only offered at CCB in the spring. This course is essential to ensuring that your trip is successful. Understanding that many units travel very far to be with us, we will make exceptions in certain circumstances. Contact the High Adventure Director for more information.

50 Miler Award

Many of our programs qualify for the BSA 50 Miler Award. For more information on applying for this award and completing your mandatory 10 hours of conservation work, contact the High Adventure Director before you arrive at camp.

River Store “Wall of Honor”

The “Wall of Honor” in the River Store is an amazing display for those who have completed various High Adventure trips. Any High Adventure trip is eligible for recognition on the wall. Contact the High Adventure Director or the Camp Director for more details.

All of our trips are designed to run within a summer camp session (Sunday – Saturday). Units are encouraged to join us for all summer camp activities they are in camp for, including our famous Friday Night Campfire. In some cases, scheduling can be modified (IE: Thursday – Monday). Additionally, in rare cases a discount may be offered for units not participating in Summer Camp. Contact the High Adventure Director or the Camp Director for more information.


Please check out our Contact Us page to learn how you can reach us.