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Scouts dressed up in their holloween costumes for Haunted Campsite 2015.
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October 14, 2017
Haunted Campsite
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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

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River Store

The River Store is anything but your typical camp trading post. We stock the typical items such as Merit Badge books, kits, snacks, souvenirs, and drinks.What makes us unique is that we also offer a full line of Cole Canoe Base apparel, camping gear, river equipment, post cards, literature, dutch oven cookware, sundries, and much more! If you forgot something at home, chances are the River Store can help you out!

Are you in camp but not near the River Store? Check out the Wanigan! Just like logging camps in northern Michigan would see along the river, our Wanigan travels to different parts of camp for special events. At each event the Wanigan offers different products so stop by whenever you see it.

The River Store is also a program area at Cole. The staff instructs Salesmanship, Entrepreneurship, Personal Management, Inventing, and American Business. These badges help our schedule reach the interest of even more scouts at camp.