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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

Phone: (989) 873-1516
Fax:     (989) 873-1517
Leave No Trace
Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Prepare for extreme weather, hazards, and emergencies.
  • Repackage food to minimize waste.
  • Bring all of the required materials and prerequisites for your merit badges.
Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Durable surfaces include established trails and campsites, rock, gravel, dry grasses or wood chipped.
  • Try to pitch your tents in the least used areas of your campsites, to help the dying areas regrow.
Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Inspect your campsite and latrines for trash or spilled foods. Bag all trash and dispense of it into the dumpster.
  • All returnable bottles should be returned to the River Store for proper disposal.
Leave What You Find
  • Preserve the past: examine, but do not touch, cultural or historic structures and artifacts.
  • Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find them.
  • Avoid introducing or transporting non-native species.
  • Do not build structures, furniture, or dig trenches.
Minimize Campfire Impacts
  • Campfires can cause lasting impacts.
  • Please keep all fires inside the designated fire ring(s) that are located inside your campsite
  • Keep fires small. Larger fires can produce forest fires if not properly attended to.
  • Burn all wood and coals to ash, and put out campfires completely.
Respect Wildlife
  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not follow or approach them.
  • Never feed animals. Feeding wildlife damages their health, alters natural behaviors, and exposes them to predators and other dangers.
  • Protect wildlife and your food by storing rations and trash securely.
  • Avoid wildlife during sensitive times: mating, nesting, raising young, or winter.
Be Considerate of Other Visitors
  • Be courteous. Yield to other users on the trail.
  • Let nature's sounds prevail. Avoid loud voices and noises