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Summer Camp is Fast Approaching

We know getting ready for summer camp can be a very complicated process. We have compiled a short list of pdf documents you will need or can reference to make planning for summer camp easier for you.
Don't forget to renew your annual health form.

2017 Leaders Guide
Schedule of Events for the Week
Merit Badge Class Schedule
Merit Badge Pre-Reqs
Annual Medical Form (
2017 Food Manual
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Bosco Lake is home to all things aquatics at Cole Canoe Base. From boating to swimming, there are activities for scouts of all ages. There are many activities to choose from including canoeing, kayaking, small-boat sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. And don't worry if you don't know how to swim, our Aquatics staff are more than glad to teach you how through the instructional swim class open to campers of all ages.

In addition to regular aquatics activites, we also offer the following special programs:

If Aquatics activities are on your mind, then come down to the Bosco Lake Waterfront and see what activities you can participate in. Everyone is invited irregarless of swimming ability.

Aquatics Events
Open Swim and Open Boating

Those looking to take a cool dip in Bosco Lake can do so during open swim. Swimmers can take advantage of jumping off of the floating dock and hop on our floating trampoline in the Swimmer's Area. For the beginners, we have a water slide and a water log which can be used during the Lumberjack Festival. Even the non-swimmers can have fun playing basketball in their respective area.

If your looking for an opportunity to go boating, you can do so during open boating or while taking any boating related merit badge. We have canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, rowboats, and sailboats (only those who have completed the sailboating merit badge may take a sailboat out on the lake during open boating).

  • When: Check the Weekly Schedule for all times. Open boating and Open swim are two different events and may not always happen at the same time.
Snork Hike

Explore the depth's of Bosco Lake and attend Snork Hike. This activity begins with a brief instructional course in the swimmers area before venturing on a guided tour of our lake bottom. Scouts must have passed the swimmers test to participate.

River Rat Rodeo

Our Friday afternoon water carnival on Bosco Lake. The most exciting event of the week; canoe events, rowboat events, war canoe races, rump bumping. Most events make use of our special canoes. Your week at Cole prepares your unit for the rodeo.

  • When: Friday 1pm until finished

Merit Badges
Please refer to the following documents for more information:

Canoeing Requirements (
Kayaking Requirements (
Lifesaving Requirements (
Motorboating Requirements (
Rowing Requirements (
Small-Boat Sailing Requirements (
Swimming Requirements (
Water Sports Requirements (
Special Programs for Scouts and Leaders
BSA Lifegaurd Requirements (
Mile Swim &
2 Mile Swim
Requirements (
Paddle Craft Safety Requirements (
S.C.U.B.A. BSA Requirements (
Snorkeling BSA Requirements (
Swim and Water Rescue Requirements (