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Summer Camp is Fast Approaching

We know getting ready for summer camp can be a very complicated process. We have compiled a short list of pdf documents you will need or can reference to make planning for summer camp easier for you.
Don't forget to renew your annual health form.

2017 Leaders Guide
Schedule of Events for the Week
Merit Badge Class Schedule
Merit Badge Pre-Reqs
Annual Medical Form (
2017 Food Manual
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First Year Camper Program

Here at Cole Canoe Base, we are focused on helping Scouts advance to the rank of Eagle. Every scout starts out by earning the rank of Scouter. From that point through First Class, we have an awesome First Year Camper program to help scouts advance through the ranks.

Not all requirements are covered because of the limitations we have during the week. Adult volunteers are welcome help as much as possible. Adult volunteers are certainly needed on the day woods tools are covered to be extra eyes to ensure safe use of these tools among scouts. Also, those with any useful information about certain subjects are always welcome to help scouts get a better understnading of that subject to complete the requrement.

At the end of the week the scoutmasters will receive a list of the requirements that their scouts have finished throughout the week. They can test their scouts on the material to make sure they remember the information. We will always abide by the scouts' troop rules, such as, the scout not receiving the toten chip. Please talk to the Director of the program ahead of time so they know which scouts have which rules.