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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

Phone: (989) 873-1516
Fax:     (989) 873-1517
Outdoor Skills

Want to learn the basic skills of scouting? Or build a cool pioneering structure? Is sports more your thing? Then Outdoor Skills is the place to be!

Outdoor Skills has it all. An emphasis is put on traditional scouting skills, such as knot tying and lashings, fire building, knife and ax skills, and wilderness survival and camping. In addition to that a big focus is put on the physical fitness aspects of scouting. A basketball court, volleyball court, baseball diamond, and foosball court provide different options for exercise as well as team building. Finally, the Native American culture is honored with our Indian Village area, complete with tepees and a display showing off replicas of Indian artifacts.

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