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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

Phone: (989) 873-1516
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Rifle River Program

With the Rifle River flowing through camp, Cole Canoe Base is able to offer many treks on the Rifle River. Current trek offerings include ½ day, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, and the 4-Day 50-miler Canoe trek. In addition, CCB also offers its units the chance to “Rump Bump” down the Rifle River. Each trek is unique and exciting by offering varying skill difficulty to accommodate the youngest to oldest members of your unit. Following the “General Information”, you will find an outline of the various Rifle River Treks offered at Cole Canoe Base.

General Information
1-Day Canoe/Rump Bump Treks
Base to Base (~45 Minutes)

Those looking for a more relaxed journey on the Rifle River can take a tube and float down the river. This is a Base to Base trip so you'll never leave camp. All river trips begin at the Jacket & Paddle Building near the front of camp. Units looking to sign their Troop up for Rump Bump trips can do so during Special Events Sign-Up after the Sunday campwide dinner.

Open Rump Bump

Now anybody can Rump Bump just about anytime they want. If you are looking for something to do or have always wanted to go tubing down the Rifle River, just stop by the Jacket & Paddle Building to go through the procedures before going on any river trip.

Any scouts wishing to participate MUST have at least two adult leaders with them at all times.

We kindly ask that larger groups sign-up for a scheduled time during Special Events Sign-up after Sunday campwide dinner.

Fishing Site to Base (~5.5 miles)

This exciting trip is perfect for those younger members of your unit looking for added excitement during their week of summer camp. This trek normally takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete, though some units may take longer or shorter depending on current skill level. This is perfect to expose the Scouts of your unit to the experience of High Adventure canoeing.

High Banks to Base (~9 miles)

This is one of our most popular day trips. It offers more of a challenge than the "Fishing Site" trip, however it is still within the grasp of most scouts experience levels. The nine mile float plan usually takes about 5 hours to arrive you back at the CCB Main landing.

North Landing to Base (~11.2 miles)

This is our most popular canoe trek. This is perfect for units looking for a High Adventure activity to break up the week of merit badges and in-camp activities. Perfect for the young members of the unit, as well as the older Scouts looking for a challenge. In addition, lunch takes place on the river at one of the many beautiful resting areas and beaches along the way.

2-Day Canoe Treks: (moderate to difficult)
Grousehaven Lake to Base (~27.5 miles)

An extremely popular canoe trek. Ideal for those Scouts already familiar with canoeing, looking to challenge themselves by adding a High Adventure overnight camping excursion to the canoe trek. All meals take place on the river. This is the MOST popular 2-day canoe trek Cole Canoe Base offers. The first night, the unit will camp at Cole Canoe Base’s own North Landing. From there, they will depart for day two of the canoe trip before ending at Cole Canoe Base’s canoe landing.

Sage Lake Road to Base (~21.1 miles)

This trip is very similar to the above trek, minus the 6 miles of wilderness within the Rifle River Recreational Area. Unlike the trip above, the unit is dropped just after the unique wetlands and headwaters of the Rifle River. Again these units will camp at North Landing before departing the following day to canoe back to base camp.

3-Day Canoe Treks: (moderate to difficult)
Grousehaven Lake to M-70 (~38.3 miles)

This trip combines the 2-day Grousehaven to Base trek, with and added day of canoeing south of the base camp. During this third leg of the journey, the Scouts will see a slower current, but wider parts of the rifle river before ending their trek at Whites Canoe Livery, just west of the M-70 bridge.

North Landing to Omer (~35.6 miles)

This trip combines the 1 day canoe trek from North Landing to base and couples it with 2 days of paddling south of the base camp. The first night the unit will spend in base camp after a day of paddling. The second day the unit will paddle from Cole Canoe Base to M-70 and spend the night.

4-Day Canoe Treks: (difficult)
Rifle River 50-miler (~51.9 miles)

During this trek your unit will be able to experience 4 days of canoeing on the Rifle River. Starting at Grousehaven Lake the unit will send the day paddling before reaching North Landing for their first night on the river. Here your unit will set up camp and cook their evening meal. The following day your unit will continue with their trek back to base camp. While at Cole Canoe Base, your unit can refresh their supplies and shower. The next day your unit will continue its paddle before resting for the night at Whites M-70. While there, your unit can relax and set up camp for the night after checking in with the main office. The following morning your unit will complete its last leg of the trip. It is recommended to start this last leg no later than 8:30am. This will allow your unit to be on the river and arrive at Omer Fishing Site in time to head back to base camp for the evening activities. At the Friday night campfire your unit will be recognized as having completed the 50-mile trek.

We also offer a hike, bike, and float trek designed to offer units the ultimate high adventure experience. More information about this and our Au Sable and Fox & Manistique river trips can be found through our High Adventure page.