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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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Summer Camp Weekly Events

All scouters who attend a summer camp session will receive the same level of service irregardless of whether they attend the first or last week of camp. Listed below are campwide events every camper will experience while attending our truly one-of-a-kind summer camp program.


We have streamlined the check-in process to make it as simple as possible. Every unit in camp will have a dedicated staff host that will meet you in your campsite to assist with check-in/out and will visit everyday to tend to any needs or requests you may have throughout the week. Our ultimate goal is to make sure everybody is happier leaving than when they arrived in camp. We engourage everybody to arrive Saturday afternoon after 2PM to set-up camp and start your exciting week at Cole for no extra change.

Flag Retreat

Cole Canoe Base had three formal retreats during your stay at camp. On Sunday evening, directly before the camp wide meal is the first formal retreat of the week. The second retreagt is for the Scout Leaders and Staff prior to the Scout Leaders appreciation dinner. The Friday evening retreat is a formal event preceding the campfire and family are invited, starting at 8:15pm.

Beast Feast

The Beast Feast is a super size cooking demonstration and camp wide meal held in Outdoor Skills on Monday evening. Included is the camp wide cooking contest, one of the best you’ll ever see! Just imagine turkey, onion rings, battered mushrooms, cobblers, cakes, dutch oven stew, hot rock chicken, buffalo stew, roast venison, bread on a stick and more. Lots of awards and fun.

Look for more new fun this summer. You’ll want to bring your camera. It’s better every year! The Beast Feast is HUGE! Don’t miss out on any mouthfuls of fun and good eating. Start planning your entries now so you can stump the judge. Each troop is required to enter one dish, large enough to feed 25, in the cooking contest. Two dishes would be MUCH appreciated. Please bring your plates / utensils / cups for dinner. Camp will provide stations for washing.

“Krafts” on Fire

A great way to end Monday and burn off the food from Beast Feast. Come and try your hand at a variety of skills from art to woodcarving and even some tie dying in the mix. A great time is had by all. Don’t miss out – see you there. This is an ideal First Year Camper activity.

Pie Eating Contest

Enjoy a little slice of heaven straight from the commissary. Just don't take too long trying to eat it or you might not win this competition.

Tuesday Night at the Movies

We welcome all campers to enjoy a movie on the big screen under the Dumas Pavilion. The River Store will be open to help fulfill your moviegoing snacking needs.

Religious Services (Vespers)

The twelth point of the Scout low is "A Scout if Reverent." The religous program in camp will be conducted as approved by the religious committee of the council. Opportunities for daily "quiet period", individual counseling, a vesper service and information regarding the various religious awards will be available. Cole Canoe Base offers two different religous services; a non-denominational service for all to attend and the second service is a catholic mass for those that are of catholic faith or would like to learn more about the beliefs and customs of the catholic religion. Units can reserve the chapel to hold their own Vespers service; just inquire at the camp office.

Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Festival

Participate in the camp-wide Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Festival featuring lumber camp events. Fun and challenging and everyine wins, more free fun at Cole Canoe Base. This event is held on Thursday evening and is unique, fun, and something you'll talk about all year.

Ice Cream Social

Don’t forget our popular Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social. Bring your friends and chow down on a Paul Bunyan helping of real ice cream and don’t spare the toppings. Leaders, try out the “Scoutmaster’s Special”. We dare you!

Water X-Games

Our Friday afternoon water carnival on Bosco Lake. The most exciting event of the week featuring friedly competition using team building skills through water sports.

The Fabulous Closing Campfire

At Cole Canoe Base, absolutely a fabulous closing campfire program you have ever seen - guaranteed. Bring the whole family and your camera and enjoy! Be part of the fun - please bring a skit or song to share. Be at Cosgro Campfire Arena on Friday evening after flags.