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A sight of beautiful fall foliage in the background behind a small structure in camp.
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November 3-5, 2017
Fall Clean-Up
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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

Phone: (989) 873-1516
Fax:     (989) 873-1517
Cole Yacht Club
Yearly Membership: Adults: $10.00 | Scouts $5.00
Benefits of your yearly CYC dues:
  • Get 3 additional scoops of Ice Cream at the Ice Cream Social at summer camp (you must present membership card)
  • You're a Member of the best Yacht Club at Cole Canoe Base
  • CYC dues go directly to fund growth, maintenance and repairs of the CYC Fleet (additional donations gratefully accepted!)
  • It's a great cause and supports our sailing program
  • CYC dues are tax deductible
Memberships can be purchased at The River Store
Download the CYC Sailing Fleet (7/2013)
Questions? You can contact Troop 86 Sunrise District GLFSC