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Pre-Camp Leaders Meetings

Summer is almost here. In preperation for summer camp, we hold meetings for unit leaders and Senior Patrol leaders in an effort to give everybody the chance to properly plan for their week at our home-away-from-home we call Cole Canoe Base.

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1356 E. Greenwood Rd.
Alger, MI 48610

Phone: (989) 873-1516
Fax:     (989) 873-1517
Camp History
1964 Purchased from Bob and Wilma Foresman.
1967 Purchased two 40-acre parcels from Consumers Power Company.
1968 Purchased river frontage at Base Camp from Consumers Power Company. Built five campsites: Deer Run, Lucky Portage, Silver Creek, Broken Paddle, and Maple Flats. First summer camp at then named Rifle River Scout Canoe Base.
1974 Shop built.
1975 Ranger's home built.
1976 Suspension bridge erected across Rifle River and shower building built by Bolivian Peace Corps Training Units. Bosco Lake developed and filled by Army Corps. of Engineering.
1977 Camp renamed Edward N, Cole Canoe Base, funds donated by Edward Cole, VP General Motors Corp., and Detroit Area Council President in 1962. Service building and Bosco Lake completed.
1978 Tenth anniversary of Cole Canoe Base.
1979 Health lodge and rifle range built.
11-2-79 Memorial flag pole at service building dedicated.
1983 First full service season of summer camp. Also first 100% National Inspection. Pavilion built and dedicated by Troop 191 from the Thunderbird District of the Detroit Area Council.
1985 Front entrance built and dedicated to Ken Poulson
1986 Purchase of 640 acres from the Greenwood Sportsman Club by the Martins and the Slaviks.
6-27-87 Dedication of Don and Olive Martin Wilderness property.
7-18-87 Dedication of Joseph F. Slavik and Stephen F. Slavik, Sr. Wilderness property.
1988 Twentieth anniversary of Cole Canoe Base.
1992 Claycomb Eco-Con pavilion opened and dedicated in July.
1993 Eco-Con Learning Center opened and vehicle storage building built.
1994 New Broken Paddle campsite opened. New shotgun range opened. Rifle range pavilion built and archery range remodeled.
1995 Otto F. Kamman Shotgun range built and dedicated.
1996 Big pavilion addition, new trading post (The River Store) and new crafts pavilion built. Waterfront Borich flagpole dedication. Bosco Lake boating area pavilion built.
1997 Cosgro Campfire area dedicated. Lucky Portage, Aspen, and Broken Paddle campsites adopted. Wearn Chapel opened and dedicated. New latrines in Broken Paddle and High Banks.
1998 Thirtieth anniversary of Cole Canoe Base. Electrical Power to Eco-Con and second Eco-Con Learning Center opened. Deer Run, Maple Flats, and Silver Creek campsites adopted. New Gateway built. Rifle River campsite enlarged and adopted. Archery pavilion built. Sporting Clays event added at Kamman Shotgun range.
1999 Electrical power to Eco-Con, Rifle Range and Cosgro Campfire Area. Rifle Range rebuilt and expanded.
2000 New Shower Building built and opened. New Latrines in: Rapids, Archery/Rifle River and North Landing.
2001 New latrine built in Aspen. Two new campsites developed south of Silver Creek.
2002 New outpost campsite. Whispering Pines developed west of the river. OKPIC Cold Weather Camp developed. New latrine at Deadwood. Deadwood and Deadwood Oaks campsites adopted
2003 Kamman Admin. Center remolded and dedicated. New latrine in Maple Flats. Crafts and Outdoor Adventure pavilions expanded. Bouldering Wall built in climbing area.
2004 Main Pavilion expanded and dedicated to John Dumas. Cosgro Campfire Arena expanded. New latrine at Lucky Portage. Kamman Center remolded inside. Climbing/repelling tower built. Vehicle building burned and rebuilt
2005 New Silver Creek latrine. New swimming dock. New covered archery firing line. Built and dedicated Dedene Archery Range. New pavilion built in Deadwood by T-1736. Aquatics storage building added 2006 New White Pine and Deer Run latrine; new swimming dock area
2007 Aquatics latrine torn down and rebuilt. New kayak storage racks built. New pavilion in Aspen built by Troop 86. Last leg of swimming dock replaced. Bathrooms in the Kamman Center gutted and refurbished. CCB is the first high adventure camp to host a National Camp School.
2008 Fortieth Anniversary of Cole Canoe Base. New Bridgeview latrine built. Silver Creek campsite expanded. The River Store expanded in memory of Dawn Chutorash. Fortieth Anniversary gateway built
2009 45th Anniversary of Cole Canoe Base. First new campsite built in some years: Silver Springs.
2010 Human Foosball court donated by Troop 179. High Power pistol range built. High Banks campsite adopted. Brick paver walkway put in at the Kamman Center. 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.
2011 First year camper program built and put into operation, thanks to a OA national service grant and Migisi Opawgan lodge generosity. New Eco/Con learning covered deck constructed. High Banks campsite pavilion constructed.
2012 Crafts Pavilion expanded, new latrine in Buckhorn campsite. New volleyball and ball diamond added to Outdoor Skills.
2013 49th Anniversary of Cole Canoe Base. Year long celebration of 50 years. New Home in the MCC. 2 new campsites, Staff area expanded, Wells Nature Trail rebuilt and enhanced, ATV Course, new latrine for Rapid River campsite. Silver Creek, Maple Flats, and Cosgro producton new area pavilions built.
2014 50th Anniversary of Cole Canoe Base! Cole Family Camp (RV Trailer Park) opened. Broken Paddle Hiking Trail expanded. Wells Nature Trail rebuilt, marked, and expanded. Maple Ridge campsite opened with Pavillion and Maple Flats new Pavilion. Mike Parsons flagpole installed and dedicated.
2015 Family Camp shower built. Rifle River Site adopted by T-944 and then build a Pavilion. Dumas Pavilion doubled in size with 20X100 addition, thanks to 'Centruy of Values' donation. Sledding hill built. Health Lodge Renovated to accommodate groups of 10 for weekend cabin camping; now called Turkey Roost. New staff hut built. Noquet Lodge O-A Expanded Boating Pavilion and added 10X12 Boathouse.