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A sight of beautiful fall foliage in the background behind a small structure in camp.
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November 3-5, 2017
Fall Clean-Up
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Brick Pavers Fundraiser

Michigan Crossroads Council, in an effort to make the Kamman Administration Center more accessible to all visitors, has paved a walkway from the parking lot to the Kamman Administration Building. Although the walkway has been installed, funding is still needed to pay for this project.

The walkway has been installed through a loan that will be repaid through your purchase of engraved pavers that will be set into the walkway. Pavers start at the low price of $50.00 for an engraved 4X8 paver; also available are engraved 8X8 pavers for $135.00.

Please fill-out the Brick Pavers form to submit your request for a personalized brick to be added to the walkway in front of the Kamman Administration Building.

Installation of the pathway has been donated by Do It All Do It Right of Dearborn Heights, MI.
We can't thank you enough for helping us bring this tremendous project to life.