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Summer Camp is Fast Approaching

We know getting ready for summer camp can be a very complicated process. We have compiled a short list of pdf documents you will need or can reference to make planning for summer camp easier for you.
Don't forget to renew your annual health form.

2017 Leaders Guide
Schedule of Events for the Week
Merit Badge Class Schedule
Merit Badge Pre-Reqs
Annual Medical Form (
2017 Food Manual
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Cosgro Productions

Cosgro Productions is one place where every Scout can find a challenge. Here, a Scout is taught self-discipline and skill. Learn what it's like to be on both sides of the camera. Whether you're an aspiring thespian or have a love for technology, this area is just for you.

Merit Badges
Please refer to the following documents for more information:

Chemistry Requirements (
Digital Technology Requirements (
Graphic Arts Requirements (
Journalism Requirements (
Moviemaking Requirements (
Nuclear Science Requirements (
Photography Requirements (
Programming Requirements (
Public Speaking Requirements (
Radio Requirements (
Theater Requirements (